Research Interest


Development and synthesis of New Metal Oxides Nanomaterials (for Sensing, Optical, Photovoltaic, Optoelectronics, Electronic, PhotoCatalytic and Biomedical applications).


  •        Development of New type Gas Sensors for environmental monitoring.


  •        Synthesis of New Photo-Catalysts which can effectively degraded outdoor and indoor pollutants utilizing UV and Visible light.


  •        Development of n- and p-type Metal Oxides of TCOs and ASOs


  •        Transparent Thin Films Transistors (TFTs) for transparent Electronics


  •         Flexible Electronics on PET, PEN substrate


  •         Development of Electrochromic materials and devices


  •         Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic self cleaning surfaces for House – hold applications


Gas Sensing

  • Reducing Gas Molecules (e.g. CO, H2, CH4, ethanol, propane)
  • Oxidising Gas Molecules (e.g. NO2, O3, SO2, Cl2,


Photo-Catalyst and Photo-Catalysis

  • Degradation of Dye’s
  • Degradation of inorganic compounds (NOx, SOx, ….) and Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene…)




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